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Squid (grib files)

Squid is a software to download and watch the weather grib files and make routing (with isochrone method). Squid can also display satellite images (visible, infrared, water vapor, colorful) and retrieve synoptic charts and observations (SYNOP, METAR and scatterometry).


The last application of Great Circle is Squid Mobile! You can download it for free of charge since the Apple store, and connect with your login to take advantage of all your features! Do not hesitate to download it!


Best Start® is a decision support tool for skipper to determine the best weather window to attempt to break a record. It can determine, for nearly three hours, the best starting point in the next ten days and evaluate the probabilities of beating the record

Best Sails

Best Sails is a tool that allows for very quick statistical study of weather and conditions of state sea on a route. In addition, the analysis also Best Sails the usage of sails statistics. The tool is based on historical data with high resolution very good qualities.

Weather model forecasting

Great-Circle has developed its own high-resolution meteorological model based on the open-source model WRF. Available resolutions range from 12 km to 1 km over some areas of the globe. Forecasts are available in Squid or an FTP server (depending on the project).


Great-Circle carries out specific studies in meteorology, both in the marine field than on land. Our R & D team can adapt some specific tools as needed

About Great-Circle

Great Circle, your weather partner in sailing

Initiated by passionate and experienced off-shore sailors the company distributes raw and custom high resolution grib files produced or forced from the major global models available. Skilled IT programmers, climatology researches and meteorologists specialized in remote sensing and ocean weather modeling joined our team this year to adapt and code all we ever dreamed to get. At Great Circle we know the real value of reliable and accurate weather forecasts.